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itobia vinyl

one sided vinyl LP

live recording of the ashtoreth performance
Paris, 04.03.2011

length: 19 minutes

code for mp3 download included

available LP

price € 18 (incl. vat)


hgp scene2 / tokyo

scene 2 of the hanging garden party - a fashion performance by alex murray-leslie from chicks on speed, kroot juurak and pelican avenue; it is series of scenes taking place in parallel contexts around the world, each location presents a new scene and dialogue between performance art action, fashion, choreography and sound, blurring the lines between these creative fields, with the outcome of a new language of expression. the scenes present audio visual jam sessions, using the tools of choreography and fashion together with technological body instruments and old craft techniques. fashion returning to phantasy and free spirit; a pure expression of creativity; individuals interpreting the set up of a garden party, performing in an interwoven textile architecture detached/free from esthetic expectations, commercial reasoning and categorical thinking. a textile architecture is generating an architecture of sounds.
the second scene was staged in a serene gallery space during tokyo fashion week. in this scene clothes were interwoven in the abstract architecture of fabric. dressing, undressing and playing with them triggered a minimal electronic soundscape under control of sound artist benjamin tomasi. a body wired with sensors linked to letters was used as a human instrument to spread the word.

the hanging garden party_scene2_tokyo_video

the hanging garden party_scene2_tokyo

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video edit by pelican video
pictures by dune

with the kind support of unit-f büro für mode
and the austrian ministry of culture