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itobia vinyl

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live recording of the ashtoreth performance
Paris, 04.03.2011

length: 19 minutes

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Modular chrome tubes are the main elements for the scenery of the latest pelican avenue presentation during Paris fashion week. Dancers interacted with the polished set-up, a scenery that is inspired by an overequipped beach setting, health and wellness centres, the elements of a selfcontent bourgeoisie. The changing cabin made from string curtains, the useless fitness constructions and sun loungers were almost left unused. There were some slow efforts to exercise but finally the tension of boredom yields to enjoyment of the heat, the isolation and complacency.

The setting that was developped as pelican studio in collaboration with multimedia artist Michiel Helbig, has its origin in “Evil under the Sun” - a programme of events, curated by Lucy Mc Kenzie and Milovan Farronato for the Fiorucci Art Trust on Stromboli. pelican avenue designed a changing room for the black sandy beaches of the volcanic island.

For the Paris showroom, pelican studio designed 2 clothing racks in addition to the presentation setup. Working with the same modular chrome tube system, using it for its original function, but rethinking their generic appliances and forms. Both, the existing objects and furniture are for sale and can be ordered but the modular elements allow us as well to adapt the designs for different needs and dimensions.

Prices and more information on request.

Shady Sadie is the title of a collaboration with multimedia artist Michiel Helbig on an installation showing 5 figures displaying a series of capes and gloves. The minimal yet atypical constructions are built with modular tubes taken from a basic shop display system. On the one hand the material is using the original static construction and on the other hand it is generating the movement and personality of the figures. The dressing of each figure with nothing but a knitted cape and a pair of handmade leather gloves transforms them into actual creatures and aims for a maximum of character with a minimum of intervention.

The installation addresses the evolution of technology and media and the recent wave of automation in which the human countenance is disapearing or being artificially reconstructed. As a reaction to the over-presence of images and the current lack of content in opposision to the superiority of images, the project also consciously reduces the components of the visual language as well as the design itself to the essence. 

Shady Sadie is on view from 19.04 - 16.06.2015 at Gallery Mieke Van Schaijk in `s-Hertogenbosch

we’re former is about the correlation of making and imagining. the technique informs the process, the process informs the idea. there is no pure imagination. objects released from time leaving the image behind

what remains is design

informed garments
transformed garments
deformed garments
reformed garments
formed garments

for the summer set for 2015, pelican avenue started from the idea and the characteristics of hand silk screening. the pieces were developped through interaction between the practice of the technique and the thinking process.