POWER PLACES is about individuals in search of meaning.

People have to function within their society. There is no space for doubts. Reality is based on facts. An exit from the determined path seems impossible.

To escape from conformity and dispassion people search for a spiritual content, far from functionality and reason. Mysticism is a resort that works as a substitute for passion, as a channel for individual emotions. Spiritual symbols function as tangible devotion. They have a content for the one who decided to be devoted to them. It is an individual decision.

It is easy to see through the visual language that achieves a spiritual effect and that appeals to emotional needs for mysticism. Imitating those explicit compositions the POWER PLACES allegories are invented without any references to existing contents and are therefore fully refillable by any human longings for something to be devoted to. Their emptiness is emphasized by their industrial appearance: Mass production makes an economic profit possible.

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