Údition dame was presented for the first time at the concept store PARK, in vienna. similar to former projects the inspiration for this edition is rooted in the immediate local context, this being vienna. the cultural link between vienna and "de-accelerating", distinctive in its traditional image of the "creative coffee drinker", continues to embody a major creative quality of the city.
for Údition dame the designer restricts herself to a simple geometric form, the ellipse, which functions more like a decorative accessory, than a specific piece of clothing.
it serves as a frame for the personality of the women wearing it. middle-aged, viennese women's everyday lives and their biographies will serve as inspiration for the collection as well as models for the presentation and the staging.
carolin lerch's Údition dame uses a local context based and "de-accelerated" aesthetic that opposes modern structures and norms of the western fashion industry.
the collection was presented by a video installation on the 17th of december.

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